A New Level of Cyber Security

Security tools and measures closing known security holes are only temporary solutions. Attackers will quickly learn ways arround your defence and find new holes. With the datafusion Cyber Security solution your company has direct access to the most sophisticated methods and means developed to prevent and detect threats.

Secure Your Communication Channels.

Communication is the key to success but also the highway for attacks. Secure your assets and your business with the Cyber Security solution from datafusion.

  • Find: Starting with passive monitoring of network traffic, datafusion is able to identify, classify and analyze Internet applications to store context-rich information of all network transactions.
  • Store: The metadata from the complete network traffic is indexed and stored in a database.
  • Enrich: This metadata is enriched with user information via user databases like Active Directory, LDAP, Radius and geolocation information. Log files from web and mail servers provide additional value.
  • Analyse: The command centre controls the analysis of the data. The user creates and refines search actions by various criteria which results in pin-pointed information.
  • Visualize: The generated information is displayed in a rich GUI in different formats like heat maps of traffic for a specific traffic generation, traffic over a time period or filtered on specified user traffic.
  • Identify: Via various combinations of filters an infected computer can be identified or a specific attack detected.
  • Act: Appropriate actions can be implemented such as taking the infected computer out of service or applying specific firewall rules to deny malicious traffic.

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