Who we are

Improve the performance of your business with Actionable Intelligence.

We help our customers capture large amounts of information from numerous data types and sources, apply advanced data management and analytics, and leverage the resulting Actionable Intelligence to help them achieve their goals. datafusion Systems business intelligence solutions blend intelligent data generation tools with our advanced analytics and datafusion Platform to provide a powerful tool proven to help our customers improve efficiency, save time and money and protect their assets.

We develop our solutions in close collaboration with our customers and customise them exactly to the needs of the organisation. In this way, we provide tangible value in the enterprise-related areas of compliance, cyber security, marketing, and finance and banking as well as for the governmental safety and security sector.

We bring to our customers 25 years’ worth of experience in the development of intelligence applications and solutions. Add to this our field-proven components, our skilled engineering hub in Czech Republic, our highly qualified analytics team in Munich and our extensive knowledge of the telecommunications and IT industry – you know you can rely on us to help your business succeed. Our Solutions We can integrate, manage, and secure vast amounts of big data, in one central place. Combined with our advanced datafusion Platform, users can visualize relationships and gain valuable insights from the numerous reports available, in real time at the touch of a button. Data from any source, of any type, regardless of the volume or how unstructured it is, can be imported and analysed. The datafusion Platform offers complete flexibility due to its modular nature, boasting an intuitive interface and multiple easily-scalable visualisations. The long-term partnerships we’ve formed over the years mean that we are able to integrate our own top quality German engineering intelligence technologies with the best third-party applications in the industry, providing you with a turnkey end-to-end solution to your big data needs. Our services A leader in deep-dive analytics expertise, the datafusion Systems headquarters in Munich is home to enthusiastic engineers, who are driven by data and the chance to help our customers improve efficiency, save time and money and protect their assets. We are able to offer full in-house development, testing, deployment, training and service and have long-standing local subsidiaries and partners all over the European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA) that guarantee comprehensive and quick 24/7 customer service and life-long support.