The datafusion Platform

Learn about the datafusion Platform, get an overview, familiarize yourself with its features and technical solution.

Introduction and Overview

datafusion Systems has a deep understanding of the needs and requirements when dealing with data analytics topics. Decades of experience has enabled us to focus on the basic principles that form data analytics solutions and to come up with a generic approach - the datafusion Platform.

Actionable intelligence is a function of data fusion, data analysis and data visualization.

datafusion Systems intelligence solutions blend intelligent data generation tools with our advanced analytics and datafusion platform to provide a powerful tool proven to

  • increase efficiency
  • save time and money
  • protect assets

The datafusion Platform is the heart of our solutions – a generic, modular and highly customisable analytics platform to be used as a basis for all kinds of use cases.

Platform Components

The datafusion Platform consists of four main layers: data integration, data fusion, data analysis and data visualization.

Data integration

The datafusion Platform merges data from multiple sources into a unified representation, storing it in a highly scalable distributed datastore. For integration and further processing the platform provides a library of pre-built sensors, frameworks and APIs. Some of our competitors don’t care about proper data generation. They rely on communication data delivered by external providers. These data can be corrupted.

We do care! Communication meta and content data form the skeleton of most analytics. They need to be comprehensive, easily retrievable, reliable, and incorruptible. This is what we provide!

Our solution is capable of recording, evaluating, sorting and storing huge volumes of communication data from any network in one central place – and can retrieve data in a matter of seconds!

Data fusion

Our capability to interface with every existing system and database is extremely valuable for our customers. We connect stand-alone systems – your former investments – with our solution, making decentralized sources of information available for real-time analyses. datafusion solutions combine communication data with any kind of structured and unstructured data from any public and private source.

Data analysis and visualisation

Many of our competitors still struggle to offer a fast and easy analysis approach. We don’t!

We provide the first fast and efficient data fusion analysis and visualization platform combining data from all existing intelligence systems and data sources. Our customers are able to analyze and visualize huge masses of data, distil valuable insights and evidence, and produce customized reports “at your fingertip”.

Our solutions are customizable and easy to use. Unlike some of the other solutions on the market, ours don’t require specialized “forward deployed” mathematicians or scientists.


To fulfil its purposes in the eyes of the user and provide the expected results, the datafusion Platform is equipped with the rich feature set listed below.

  • Import                         
    Any data, in batch or near real-time, can be imported and saved in an optimized way for later analyzing.
  • Data sources            
    A huge range of data sources can be accessed, with a strong focus on ETSI, Emails, chats, charging records, social network information, various office formats, etc.
  • Custom ontology     
    Describe your data model by using the web ontology language and the datafusion Platform will tailor itself accordingly.
  • Graph visualization 
    Analyse relationships, automatically discover paths between entities, and establish new links in 2D or 3D gaining new knowledge and ideas.
  • Map integration       
    View your data geographically with map overlays. Pluggable map providers allow you to integrate your preferred GIS solution.
  • Workspaces             
    Organise your work into separate workspaces you can share with colleagues. Updates are made available  to everyone automatically viewing the workspace in real-time.
  • Security                    
    Assign granular rights to access data depending on roles and users. Share information securely across system borders.







Design Principles

A generic approach was chosen that perfectly adapts to customers' needs in terms of functionality, capacity and performance.

Scaling in terms of functionality is accomplished by taking analytical tools out of the datafusion “toolbox” and bringing them into the customer’s system. By default, all datafusion analytical tools interact and interface smoothly with the platform‘s datastore on the one hand and with the visualisation of results on the other. Furthermore, analytical tools can be chained into customized workflows, i.e. the results of one analytical tool can form the input for another one.

Scaling in terms of capacity simply means to add additional servers to the cluster of already existing ones. The system automatically, without any user interaction, integrates new servers into the cluster and makes them immediately part of the datafusion Platform.

Scaling in terms of performance is achieved by parallelizing workflows and by distributing tasks over the pool of available resources. To identify potential bottlenecks as early as possible, the overall system performance is subject to a system monitor that collects the most informative key performance indicators.

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