Law Enforcement Skills Applied to the Commercial Environment

Based on its background and experience, datafusion Systems is the perfect partner to build intelligence solutions for the commercial environment. Investigations and investigators are the "common denominator" for all the application areas: compliance, eDiscovery and business intelligence.

Compliance and eDiscovery

Apply the principles of eDiscovery as described in the Electronic Discovery Reference Model  (EDRM) to almost all areas of compliance business intelligence. Make use of the datafusion Platform to provide an end-to-end solution, from data collection until result visualisation.

Tailor your solution in close cooperation with us and you will see that solution grow in step with the development process. Test your solution together with our experts in the labs, and by doing so you will gain a hands-on feel about its viability.

Details of the solution

Compliance and eDiscovery solutions are a natural evolution for our datafusion Platform with customized analytics components and capabilities. Based on the datafusion Platform, the complete processing chain is covered – from data integration, data pre-processing, data analytics to result visualization and report generation – a true end-to-end solution.

Compliance eDiscovery solutions based on the datafusion Platform carry our long and deep intelligence experience into the realm of enterprise applications.

Data sources

Typically, potential input data for enterprise solutions consist of metadata and content data, which are usually, but not exclusively, text-based. This allows analysis tools to investigate such data in two ways,

  • start with a metadata-based search such as “who”, “when”, “where” and find the related content,
  • start with the content i.e. “what” and arrive at the “who” and “when” and “where”.

With a variety of connectors and transformers, various types of data sources can be integrated into this system for e.g. electronic document archives, e-mail storage, recorded communication.

Analytics modules

Analytics modules form the “toolbox” of our solutions. A set of such modules is provided as a default toolbox. However, modules can also be customised or designed from scratch according to specific requirements. Users pose their questions to the system by interacting with the analytic modules. An easy-to-use GUI guides the user in a self-explanatory manner through the various options the system offers.

Result visualisation

Results are presented to the user in clear and concise forms. Result formats can be simple tables sorted according to some ranking criteria, various types of charts that show e.g. statistical distributions or link views that display relationships among documents or persons.

User attention is focused on the very essence of the material he is interested in.

Report generation

For documentation purposes, a report can be generated for every result produced by the system. The user can decide on the preferred layout including basic details like date and time of the generation plus user and report topic information.

Models of cooperation and solutions

If you are interested in getting your own datafusion Platform installation, we are ready to design and deploy the solution according to your needs.

You have our assurance that our technical support will keep such a solution up to date and will be ready to assist in any system-related questions. Such installations can either be fully purchased or subject to a leasing contract. Instead of operating your system on your own, we offer also managed services.

Our experts are ready to supply the answers you are looking for and will work together with you in setting up your project.