Trend Watching

Open Source Intelligence for the enterprise - Gain new knowledge

Analyse and Benefit from Available Data

Get the best analytics tool to access open source knowledge, especially social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Using core components derived from tried-and-tested government open source intelligence solutions (OSINT), datafusion Systems is now offering the same functionality for use in enterprise solutions.

datafusion Systems provides a large toolset to support you in gaining more knowledge about your business or interest derived from social media and public websites, bulletin boards, chats and your internal communication (emails, newsletters, etc.).

Use the datafusion Platform to crawl, store, analyze and visualize what is currently your ‘hot topic’ – a subject, a product, a person, whatever is of interest to you.

Use the Platform’s natural language processing capabilities to reveal what else is relevant in these communications – extract events, locations, real persons – all in a completely automatized way. Then, with this new information, use the analytics tools to go even deeper.

The datafusion Platform gives you a full set of analytics capabilities by integrating best-of-breed specialized tools and solutions – for natural language processing, ontology definition, speech to text conversion, etc.

These specialized tools are integrated seamlessly, hiding the complexity and allowing you to concentrate on searching and analyzing to gain new knowledge.

datafusion Systems’ trend-watching Solutions offer the following functionalities:

  • Monitor various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • Keep track of new relevant information by receiving automatic alerts
  • Monitor special interest websites such as financial or healthcare
  • Integrate other publicly available sources like Wikipedia, IMBD, etc.
  • Extract content automatically and process it with best-of-breed natural language processing tools for information extraction (brands, persons, locations, mood, etc.) in multiple languages
  • Store the information for further analysis in a highly scalable distributed database
  • Analyze and visualize the data in a dashboard to see quickly trends, highlights, etc.
  • Generate reports for easy distribution of the results

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