A generic approach to meet all customer needs

Having a deep understanding of the needs and requirements when dealing with data analytics topics datafusion systems was able
to focus on the very principles that form data analytics solution and came up with a generic approach, the datafusion Platform.

A generic approach was chosen that perfectly adapts to customer‘s needs in terms of

• Functionality

• Capacity

• Performance

Scaling in terms of functionality is accomplished by taking analytical tools out of the datafusion „toolbox“ and bring them into the customer system. All datafusion analytical tools per default interact and interface smoothely with the platform‘s data repository on one hand and with the presentation of result on the other hand. Aside from that analytical tools can be chained into customized workflows, i.e. the results of one analytical tool can form the input for another one

Scaling in terms of capacity just means to add additional servers to the cluster of already existing ones; the system automatically, without any user interaction integrates new servers into the cluster and makes it immediately part of the datafusion Platform

Scaling in terms of performance is achieved by parallelizing workflows and by distributing tasks over the pool of available resources. To identify potential bottlenecks as early as possible the overall system performance is subject to a system monitor that collects the most informative key performance indicators